Egypt Returns To The Internet

Renesys: Egyptian Internet providers returned to the Internet at 09:29:31 UTC (11:29am Cairo time). Websites such as the Egyptian Stock Exchange, Commercial International Bank of Egypt, MCDR, and the US Embassy in Cairo, are once again reachable.

-Mezzo-4773d ago

Welcome Back, now i guess streets will be a little less crowded.

TheColbertinator4773d ago

Slightly less but I'm guessing that more large scale protests will take place within this week.With the internet aiding the people of Egypt once more,the strikes will be much more coordinated and focused.If all goes to plan,Egypt's "president" will be gone by next Friday.

-Mezzo-4773d ago

I hope he just leaves, so that all those people to go and Sleep for the next 2 days, He ruled the Country for almost 30 years & he still does not want to leave, how greedy can you get.

Speed-Racer4773d ago

yay, everyone will be back on Facebook now.

michass84772d ago

All those demonstrations were bad organized and very chaotic... but with the power of the internet and services like Twitter or Facebook we might see more demonstrations... hopefully no one gets hurt...

_Q_4772d ago

I knew there was a reason for my Time Warner internet running like crap last night. xD


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sonicwrecks9h ago

Don't call it a comeback... because it's not.


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