What's the Real Problem With Nuclear Power to Charge Cars?

Politics&Cars - Everybody agrees we need more electricity in our future if the economy is go grow to say nothing of charging the (eventual) growth of electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

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_Q_4772d ago

Given how nuclear subs have been in(and continue to be)use for such a long time safely. I dont see it as impossible or even that dangerous to use a tiny tiny nuclear powerplant to power vehicles. I failed Science so what do I know?


Odysseus mission to be cut short after moon lander's sideways touchdown

Engineers expect to lose contact with the private US moon lander Odysseus on Tuesday, cutting short the mission after its sideways touchdown last week.

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NVIDIA will Reveal New AI Advancements at CES 2024

NVIDIA will have a Special Address at CES 2024 which is scheduled for Monday, 8 Jan. at 8 a.m. PT / 5 p.m. CET.

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Meta reveals smart glasses capable of live-streaming you see

During its Connect launch event, Meta unveiled both smart glasses capable of live-streaming what you are seeing and its own AI assistant, Meta AI, which will soon be integrated into WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

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