Daimler predicts price declines for EVs, fuel cells

AutoNews: Daimler AG predicts a big decline in the costs for EV batteries and fuel cell cars.

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UPS wants to convert 1,500 delivery trucks in NYC to electric by 2020

UPS joins other companies electrifying their truck ranges in the name of efficiency like Tesla and Mercedes-Benz' parent company Daimler AG.

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Daimler shows off what its automated Mercedes-Benz Arocs trucks can do

Mercedes-Benz Arocs trucks are an autonomous means to an end: The industrial vehicles can work without drivers, and without requiring a bevy of expensive sensors equipped on the truck itself. The service vehicles work by following the leader, along GPS mapped routes, providing high accuracy from a lead vehicle with control over the followers.

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Daimler eyes super-fast electric vehicle charging

Tesla can supercharge one of its EVs in under two hours, Daimler wants to recharge one of its EVs in under five minutes.

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