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Electronista Review: Monster Beats Pro

Electronista: Most of the Beats by Dr. Dre line is high end but always targeted at the mainstream: it's the upgrade to your iPod's stock earbuds or the basic headphones you bought for your notebook.

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-Mezzo-4828d ago

Ahh, they look absolutely gorgeous, i would love to buy one, but spending 400 bucks on a Headphone is just idiotic.

snoop_dizzle4826d ago (Edited 4826d ago )

The beats really aren't that great. From the ones I have tried, they really don't sound that great, and they really just are bassy. I have Klipsch x10i earbuds and they pretty much pwn most of the beats models. I assume that these sound better though.

But for 400 you could get headphones that are amazingly awesome (Senns, AKG, etc). However, for most people, unless you are listening to high quality content, headphones this expensive would be wasted on most people.

_Q_4826d ago

I own the tours. They are actually pretty good. They have better highs that the Klipsch S4 my friend has here at work. The studio versions never appealed to me much but the in ear version was definitely pleasant. If your really serious about on ear monitors i'd say. http://www.bowers-wilkins.c...

I'm a sucker for some B&Ws <3

michass84826d ago

Very stylish, but... I need to win the iPod first :D

Dasteru4825d ago

The entire beats line is junk, the bass is powerful but its loose, boomy and unnatural and it only goes down to about 20hz compared to other studio cans which go down to between 3-5hz, the midrange is almost non existant and the treble is harsh and not very clear. If you want a pair of proper studio headphone, the Shure SRH-840 is only $200 and has FAR better sound quality. Think of the beats as a pair of apple earbuds with a couple 50mm bass drivers packed into a closed back circumaural shell. the most expensive part of them is probably the cable.

outwar60104825d ago

does anyone know which are the best wrap around headphones(i have smallish ears and in ear headphones hurt after a song and these dre beats headphones are tooo big and expensive)