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AllAboutSymbian: Nokia C5-03: Part 1, Hardware Review

AllAboutSymbian: Where to place the Nokia C5-03? Let's start with the facts. It's an S60 5th Edition device, and it's a “pure” touchscreen device based around a 3.2 inch resistive screen. No slide out keyboards or fancy controls, just the regular Nokia buttons around the side and at the base of the device (call, home, volume, keylock).

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-Mezzo-4315d ago

It's been a long time since Nokia made a Phone that i liked, they have really gone down hill.

Around where i live buying a Nokia Cellphone is considered going Retro, even if it's N8.

michass84313d ago

Even if Nokia will make great device it will be still operated by software that is not great at all. Specs of Nokia N8 are good but because of Symbian software it is not a successful device.