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How not to submit an application to the Ovi Store

AllAboutSymbian: Without word of mouth, the success of an application depends on getting into an App store, and making it easy to find.

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Facelock app hits the Ovi Store, Symbian handsets frame your face for security

Engadget - Unlocking your phone doesn't get any easier than a simple patterned swipe or pre-set pin. But for the fussy amongst you, there's an alternative solution to make you feel both confidently futuristic, and downright ridiculous.

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Nokia Discontinues Ovi Branding

From July, Ovi will be discontinued as a collective name for Nokia mobile services. The Ovi Store will be called Nokia Store, and Ovi Maps will be called Nokia Maps.

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PayPal App for Nokia Mobiles released; now available on Ovi Store for Free

PayPal has launched a new application for Nokia users, the Application is available on Nokia’s Ovi store. The new application lets you manage your money transaction on your mobile device easily. The Application is now available for users from Canada, USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, and Australia.

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techprezz4782d ago

Wow, Very cool, im going to download it to my Nokia C6 now itself.

techprezz4782d ago

Is there any security problem with using Paypal on Mobile? Any advice for users?

fatstarr4782d ago

I dont know how nokia devices work but some phones leak info over wifi depending on how well the app devs developed it.

I would never do any banking over mobile though.

michass84781d ago

Yeah, all my online payments going through my laptop, I have small lack of trust for mobiles... LOL

techprezz4781d ago

If so, then which is the mobiles with best security? is it Blackberry ?

fatstarr4781d ago

i dont think any of them, most are on the same broken protocols which can be cracked and spied upon.