The Daily iPad 'newspaper' launches, $.99 weekly or $39.99 per year

Engadget: Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only magazine The Daily, once described as "The New York Post Goes to College," is now a go. Launched at a New York event this morning, it pledges to offer "the best of traditional journalism" with "the best of contemporary technology" like 360 degree photos and, naturally, lots of fancy multimedia content that is all pushed directly to the iPad every day.

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BubbleSniper4323d ago

no thx. no need for brainwashing by paperless media. rupert murdoch an steve jobs can both dance in hell together.

given how jobs is doing, and how old murdoch is they both might be doing that in very near future.

michass84323d ago

Well hard to judge... some people might like it. Price is good comparing with the other newspapers subscriptions. The Daily will definitely find some readers.