Hey Canadians! Got limited bandwidth? Let America help!

Two American citizens have joined to fight against the new bandwidth policy that has gone on stream across Canada. They have set up a site where Canadians can fill out a form to request for large files to be downloaded via American Internet, burnt onto CDs and shipped to them, for free.

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Shani4891d ago (Edited 4891d ago )

Any help is most welcomed.
That is a nice idea they got.

BubbleSniper4891d ago

glad american people can still think for themselves and feel up to truly helping people in need.

i wish we were all this way, the world over.

people need to band together and fight this. we're going backwards not forwards. they used to charge per minute/hour long time ago and the cost went down till they removed the cost for solid monthly fee.

why propose caps? i truly think ISP want to milk us, since the internet has taken off so quick and with brute force.
that is a monetary opportunity lost for them if they don't... all they need is huge investment, invest in lobbying, paying people off and advertisements friendly enough to fool us into thinking that it's right and fair... the amount of money they could make if all ISP's had caps in place is potentially staggering.

new revenue stream for them, nothing more.

iceman29294891d ago

I thank these wonderful people. Will need it sooner or later as our telcos own everything.

FYI Our government has told the CRTC to rescind the ruling after 330,000 canadians signed the online petition ( that is aprx 1 percent of our population, an incredible thing really) ...but that won't fix our broken system.

outwar60104890d ago

lol you guys still do many other things better than most of the world

koehler834890d ago (Edited 4890d ago )

We have been praying for American help on this issue in a different way for a long time.

We want our telecom policy to open up to foreign investment. Principally from the US. We want you guys to come set up shop and offer choice where there is none.

In the meantime, this is awesome, if impractical. But just the idea is worth so much. It really puts things into perspective for those who clearly have none.

Dark_king4890d ago

Are you saying you only have one option for internet?If so I would love to get some business partners together and bring you internet with no cap.Would need some info like your current price and speed.And 50,000 signatures saying they would switch over.Im sure investors here would love your money.

Ravenor4890d ago

We have 2 major providers in Ontario Bell and Rogers, both offer ridiculously low bandwidth caps. I spent 100 dollars a month for my internet and I'm still capped at 175 gb and am charged .50 cent a gigabyte that I go over. 150 bucks last month ><

Captain Tuttle4890d ago

Pssst...Canada! Over here. We'll trade you guys some bandwidth for some of those nice cheap prescription drugs you've got...deal?

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