Apple to take 30% cut on external E-book sales

Apple has announced that external distributors selling eBooks for the iPad and iPod/iPhone devices will now have to re-work their apps so the eBooks are sold through the Apple Store, and that 30% of sales go to Apple.

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toaster4263d ago

Glad I don't buy eBooks on my iPod. I have a Nook for reading.. lol. Free content FTW!!

_Q_4263d ago

Apple: Where can we be more evil? It's like we've covered everything....Whats this? eBook distros are keeping almost all their money???? We gotta fix this...

*Read above*


Speed-Racer4262d ago

Hmm they may be trying to milk as much money from the system while Steve is gone LOLOL

Captain Tuttle4262d ago

Nah, this has Steve Jobs written all over it. Dude is an absolute control freak.

b-real4262d ago

This was always going to happen. I always found it strange that i could download a free kindle app from the app store and then purchase ebooks directly from the amazon website, when apple has it's own book store (that was more expensive and didn't contain anywhere near as many titles).

Look at something like the PS3. If developers want to sell content for that system they have to give Sony a cut. There's no such thing as a free lunch.....

I'm sure they allowed the kindle system to operate whilst they developed there own book store as one of the initial marketing uses for the iPad was the an ebook reader (amongst many other things). The apple book store took ages to launch in various regions due to licensing and copyright issues.

mistajeff4262d ago

hmmm, good thing i despise apple and don't use any of their products

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