Switching from AT&T iPhone Service to Verizon

Sick of AT&T's iPhone monopoly? Well now you have a choice. So just what is involved if you want to switch from AT&T iPhone service to Verizon?

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TheColbertinator4324d ago

I honestly don't expect to save money when I switch my Iphone from AT&T to Verizon.There is no way in hell that AT&T would allow their customers to give up so easily and the contract termination charge could be spotted a mile away.However I have to concede and switch to Verizon ASAP.The poor reception and poor service AT&T has plagued me with all these years has to end.

ASSASSYN 36o4324d ago

Good luck with that. Verizon can not use the phone plus Internet at the same time due to their data configuration. And I have no reception issues that would justify a chang. My area gets great coverage.