Sony PSP2 (NGP) Gameplay Revealed

Sony has just released a new video where they have put together clips from some of the announced titles, including “Resistance“, “LittleBigPlanet“, “Killzone” and “Uncharted“.

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_Q_4327d ago

This same article in on N4G already. Still stoked for this badboy they need to release pricing plans and a timeframe.

-Mezzo-4327d ago

So excited about this, will Pre-order one as soon as Amazon starts taking Pre-Orders, It would be great it it costs $350 or under, at that price i'll be able to buy 2, 1 for my personal use & the other for my small Sisters.

It's crazy how powerful this thing is, i remember reading an Article saying it's 8 times more powerful than (Samsung Galaxy S).

michass84327d ago

Very powerful piece of joy :D Can wait :D

STiRacer4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Hopefully it will retail no more than $399. I don't realistically see it selling cheaper than that.

Mr_Anderson4327d ago

$399 would be my guess also.

_Q_4326d ago

Im gonna be pissed if its that much. Especially as a launch PS3 owner,I'd feel slighted if they make the handheld(a lesser gaming device) the same price as the PS3. I understand there is alot of tech but a bit of it has been around for a while and shouldnt cost much to make by now. The NGP is gonna be profitable(fast from what I been reading) so im hoping for 250. You have to think this thing has 3G meaning a payment for services to a telco thats bound to offer a subsidized version in store. Cost of entry has to be an easy pill to swallow so people dont cry about paying for services on another device.

-Mezzo-4326d ago

Even though i will get 1, even if it;s $399, i will agree with _Q_, that not Price that will help the Product sell.

$250, is out of the question, there is not way that Sony will price it that low, My guess would be anywhere between $350 / $300

michass84327d ago

I will have to pay bit more than that, in pounds everything is more expensive, comparing with U.S. dollars :(

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