Official: Samsung Galaxy S2 to have “Retina” display

We have heard o lot of rumors about Samsung Galaxy S successor, which will unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2011. But now Samsung itself revealed some details, and one of them is that Galaxy S2 will have “Retina” screen – it’s the second “Retina” after iPhone 4.

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_Q_4777d ago

Odd seeing that Sammy is so proud of the Super LCD tech...

fatstarr4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

Did you read the article, they made a part II to the super amoled screen which is brighter and has a better resolution.

"Galaxy S. Also S2 is going to have screen resolution with over 300 ppi (pixels per inch) and that means it can be called as “Retina” – when human’s eye is unable to see separate pixels."

michass84777d ago

This gonna be very interesting gadget. Top class screen is a great news for Samsung galaxy line fans.


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