Do large downloads need "Not Safe for Canada" badge?

ArsTechnica: New Usage-Based Billing (UBB) rules in Canada mean that indie ISPs are already slashing data caps from 200GB per month down to a mere 25GB. In response, Reddit users suggested a "Not Safe for Canada" badge that warns Canadian Internet users away from all large files. For those with small caps, this isn't a bad idea—and we asked our creative director Aurich to mock one up.

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_Q_4321d ago

Wait what the hell are people downloading that they need hundreds of gigs at a time? I personally just dont like this because its a limit. Otherwise in real life use im certain I wouldnt notice...

Shani4321d ago

Games, Movies, TV Shows, Torrents etc.
For me I don't need 100s of gig either, I can live with 60GB.

Anyhow, this news is not good for internet users.
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