Google Executive Reported Missing in Egypt

Head of Marketing in the Middle East & North Africa at Google, Wael Ghonim, is missing in Egypt, according to a statement from Google. The world’s largest Internet company says they have not heard anything from Wael Ghonim since Thursday last week. He was then present in Cairo as the most violent clashes between demonstrators and Egyptian police took place.

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TheColbertinator4317d ago

The situation in Egypt has turned so bad.It seems as though its only a matter of time before it gets even more violent.The president refuses to step down and a over a million Egyptians are protesting in the streets of Cairo.With so many people who have internet focused careers like Wael Ghonim,its no surprise that this movement has forced them to head out into the streets aware of the danger they place on themselves.

-Mezzo-4317d ago

Well, you can't expect change when you do nothing about it, that Mubarak guy ruled for almost 30 years, i was really expecting him to leave after 2 or 3 days after all of this matter started. But i was wrong.

I believe that a lot of countries need this king of protest, i know people lose their life in it, but thats the only way to set thing right.

BubbleSniper4317d ago

they need more people to join! strength in numbers i say! strength in numbers.

i want to say that i agree with you mezzo, we need to protest our corrupt govs. starting with america. i wanna see 10 million man march on white house.

michass84317d ago

I am afraid that Egypt is just a start of this kind of demonstrations. Most countries in north Africa are in bad political situation. The Cairo protest was just a trigger and there will be more protests, and more violence. It is in right cause, but innocent people are suffering. The Governments of all countries should show their interest and push this fella to leave... there should be firmer position of the all countries for this kind of situations (politics should solve the conflicts!)