Three of this year's must have tablets

2011 is all set to be the year of the tablet, the year that we all dump our big screen laptops for small screen slate PC's. Everyone from Apple to Samsung wants a piece of booming tablet market, and many more line up for that opportunity. With so many different variations out there its going to be a tough decision, but have no fear i'm here to help. Below are three of best tablets you should consider buying.

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-Mezzo-4321d ago

I will not buy any tablet, Playbook, Xoom & iPad 2 are out on the Market. i will be able to make a better decision this way.

I am leaning more towards Playbook & Motorola Xoom, because i already own an iPad & judging by the history Front & Rear Facing Cameras will be the big Feature of iPad 2, plus i think it would be a good idea to try something else this time.

Techsmith4321d ago

I agree, I'm also looking at the Xoom. Android 3.0 looks very sleek, cant wait for Google to show it off tomorrow.

-Mezzo-4321d ago

Wow, didn't knew they were releasing new details tomorrow, thanks for the heads up.