Brain Scan Can Tell If You'll Quit Smoking

Discovery: Researchers have found a way to predict how successful a smoker will be at quitting by using an MRI scan to look for activity in a region of the brain associated with behavior change.

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-Mezzo-4325d ago

I guess i will have to get my DAD's brain scanned, just so i can know that he'll never quit smoking and then he see an end to my constant moaning over this matter.

He even stopped smoking it for 2 years, from 2003 to 2006.

toaster4325d ago

I've been trying to get my dad to quit too. He has tried a few times but always started it again.. really disappointing.

michass84325d ago

I prefer to be Techspy addicted :) , how will they scan that :D

Syko4325d ago

I quit smoking over a year ago, I also started MMA training at the same time. Getting punched in the face while I couldn't breathe was enough motivation to stay away from the smokes...I do agree with the behavioral change though because it was pretty much a total lifestyle overhaul in order to finally quit for me and my wife.

This is easy to spot without a scan for this reason, if the only thing the person changes is them not smoking. They will end up smoking again most likely sooner rather than later.

-Mezzo-4325d ago

Nice, i have never seen a chain smoker quit, good for you man.

On the other me, i have never even Smoked once, or had a Drink, or even tried any Drugs. :P

michass84325d ago

In most European countries establishing the tabaco products is illegal. hopefully this will reduce the number of youngsters reaching for this type of products. It will be extremely hard to stop smoking for fellas that are smoking over 20, 30 years. I was also smoker, but quiting was the best move in my life. Changing lifestyle for a healthy one is great. I could feel the difference in first months. But to get riddle of that mess in the chest will take few years... As sooner you quit, is better for U.