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Jerusalem Videos Stir UFO Buzz

As dark UFO videos go, this clip showing flashing lights over Jerusalem is certainly a puzzler. A bright speck seems to descend toward the skyline, around the location of the Dome of the Rock (also known as the Temple Mount). A minute into the clip, there's a bright flash, then the speck shoots up from the skyline.

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-Mezzo-3309d ago

Whenever a video of this nature pops up, it's always blurry, why does no one with a Flip HD or Bloggie Touch happens to be on the scene, to record it in Full HD.

_Q_3309d ago

Yeah its never someone rocking one of these

STiRacer3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Everyone should be carrying one of these around. Just in case.

xino3309d ago

maybe people don't have hd cam or expensive cam to be carrying around:/

that stupid alien, acting like camouflage when it sat still on the sky.

Xenomorph3309d ago

Because its in Jerusalem. Not to mention that it would be difficult to make out anyway because its so far away.

_Q_3309d ago

@STiRacer lol What? 3D too much to ask?

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Syko3309d ago

They climbin' in yo windows...They snatchin' yo people up.

SasanovaS19873309d ago

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooool

DiLeCtioN3309d ago

looooooool heard that a few days ago was like wtf

GodsHand3308d ago

LOL, I just got to see that the other day.

iliimaster3309d ago

this is crazy hard to expleain the unexplainable!@

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The story is too old to be commented.