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BlackBerry no.1 in UK smartphone market 2010

Pocket-Lint: We all know that Apple loves to blow its own trumpet - but now it's Research in Motion's turn to do a bit of narcissistic clamouring. And that's because RIM's BlackBerry handsets were the best selling smartphones in the UK for 2010.

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-Mezzo-4324d ago

I love Blackberry phones, specially 9700, i just replaced it with Samsung Galaxy S.

It really isn't a surprise to me, Blackberry's are good enough to be at the #1 spot, But there is no denying that "RIM" needs to step their game up, competition is getting really hard with HTC,Samsung & Motorola pushing the Smartphones industry forward, i don't think they will survive much longer with New Models that Look exactly the same as the Old Ones.

Anarki4324d ago

Yeah because we(the uk) are tools and will buy whatever the next person has. Blackberrys are possibly the worst phones on the market, Imho.

-Mezzo-4324d ago

Sorry, i do not agree with you, there are some great Blackberry phones that i would Pick over any other Smartphone.

michass84324d ago

This is all about the marketing and good deals from mobile network providers.