The anatomy of hearing and what happens when you damage it

Pocket-Lint: Your ears let you hear all that’s around you; whether it’s music, voice, or just the birds tweeting outside your window. So how can you go about protecting them? Is there anything that you should or shouldn't do? We sat down with Paul Checkley, audiological scientist at Harley Street Hearing, and Wendy Davies, head of audiology at Siemens Hearing Instruments to find out the main dos and don'ts.

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Captain Tuttle4325d ago

Protect your hearing. Years of abuse with loud music and machinery has given me tinnitus. Trust me, you don't want it.

michass84324d ago

Human brain will adopt for the new situation. The other sences will get sharper and as always adopt to survive. But in fact hearing is pretty handy, better protect it :)