Sky Atlantic HD broadcasting imminent

Pocket-Lint: Flick onto channel 108 on your Sky set top box and you will no longer find the dark-hole of repeats that is Sky 3. Instead, in its place you'll find Sky Atlantic, the home of Sky's HBO content.

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Sky Store Adds Ability To Buy Movies To Own

Sky television have updated their Sky Store app to add the ability to buy movies to own, rather than just rent them.

The new feature will let customers buy, watch and keep many of the latest and best movies as soon as they’re released as well as some of Hollywood’s best loved classics, all at the touch of a button on their Sky remote. movies will be available at the same time as they are released to DVD.

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spacerace3612d ago

Depending on the price obviously, I don't think its a bad deal. Compare to iTunes/Google Play where you can buy the movie, but don't get a physical copy as well?


Sky Atlantic HD: Channel to launch with exclusive US content

Pocket-Lint: Sky has announced a brand new, US-content-focused, channel - Sky Atlantic HD which will be the only place to watch the first run of the new Mad Men season in the summer of 2011.

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