Samsung sucks at Photoshop: The next Galaxy S (video)

Engadget: Photoshop is hard. Hell, we're just hacks ourselves, using the tool as a means to help convey a story. But we don't have BAs in graphic design and we're definitely not operating within Samsung's multi-million-dollar advertising budget.

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MaximusPrime4322d ago

photoshop for photos... not videos

toaster4321d ago

Not really, you can use it in conjuncture with video editing software to get Photoshop effects in video.

-Mezzo-4322d ago

LOL, it's so clear, really hard to miss it. though looking forward to this Phone, Samsung's Galaxy Line is amazing.

michass84321d ago

Great phone overall. I would not expect to much from free Photoshop on mobile device.

Cat4321d ago

Honestly, that flew by so fast I have to wonder if I'd have noticed!

-Mezzo-4321d ago

Maybe i was just focusing way to much, as i spotted it in the First time.

_Q_4321d ago

Maybe its on purpose? A lil something for the quick eyed? meh If you seen one Galaxy phone you seen them all. None perform much different from one another. Maybe the dual cores will up their sexy... Funny find but ive seen far worse..

Cat4321d ago

If they replace it with a glowing orb sign me up.