NVIDIA handpicks GF110 chips for GeForce GTX 590

NordicHardware: Last weeks we repored about graphics circuit maker NVIDIA working on the launch of its new flagship GeForce GTX 590. With 1024 CUDA cores and dual GF110 graphics circuit it is an extreme graphics card demanding a lot from the other component, where NVIDIA only uses the finest of its GPU samples and availability will be limited.

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Head to Head: Quad SLI vs. Quad CrossFireX

Now that both AMD and Nvidia have dual-GPU videocards on the market, quad-GPU CrossFireX and SLI setups are possible—that is, if you have the motherboard, the power supply, the money, and can actually find two dual-GPU cards.

Representing quad SLI, we have two relatively compact Nvidia GeForce GTX 590s. In the quad-CrossFireX corner are two of AMD's hulking, foot-long Radeon HD 6990s. Both pairs cost about the same—an astronomical $1,500, give or take—but which is the better option?

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Crysis 2 - DX9 vs DX11 - 6990 vs GTX590

When Crysis 2 first appeared we were all a bit disappointed in the graphical splendour on offer. Crytek had, with the original Crysis, given us a taste of the future and brought plentiful eye-candy.

Crysis 2 though was held back significantly on PCs by its console roots. As the current raft of gaming consoles are now ageing somewhat the original engine only took advantage of the DirectX 9 featureset. Now though we have the v1.9 patch for Crysis 2 which enables DirectX 11 features and so it finally looks like a cutting edge PC Game.

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Say Hello to the New GTX 590 Revision

Pixel Smashers writes: "Nvidia has decided to release a new revision of the GTX590 in order to solve problems with the card going up in smoke. The current GTX 590, when used with unsupported drivers (267.52), can literally start smoking."

ChrisW4727d ago

As far as I understand, 3D Vision cannot be used with HDMI. So since they're wanting people to use it for Surround and 3D Surround they made the decision to go with only 3 DVI ports.

Motorola4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

wow looks nice