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Next-Generation Snowshoes Pack In Your Pocket, Then Inflate For Convenient Trudging

If you’re feeling a little bogged down by winter’s wrath, fear not. When others are snowed in, you can simply whip out your inflatable snow shoes and continue your commute as nimbly as Legolas on the snow-laden mountains of Middle Earth.

The Small Foot inflatable snow shoes by AnyExit resemble nothing so much as water wings for your winter boots.

Syko4770d ago (Edited 4770d ago )

Great, these things will really come in handy for my area with an average snow fall of 0.0" per year.

If you need these things, move.

-Mezzo-4770d ago

Huh, where i live it's freakin hot throughout the whole year.

michass84770d ago

how about inflatable snowboard :D that would be more fun... once I have seen fellas sliding down the hill on the ... inflatable 'girlfriend'. That was funny.