Almost 100,000 US torrent users sued in the last 12 months

In the last 12 months, copyright infringement lawsuits in the United States, mainly against torrent users (and a few hundred ed2k users), have targeted 99,924 defendants. The profitable pay-up-or-else scheme has been embraced by many. Of the 80 cases that were filed originally, 68 are still active, with 70,914 defendants still being targeted.

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Syko4328d ago

Torrents are getting busted because of the way they work. All a company has to do is host the file and track all IP's downloading that file. Usenet though downloads directly off a server, and pretty much the only way to get in trouble using it is to upload. Which is often handled in countries with much more laid back copyright laws. Plus torrents are slow as baby turtles crawling in glue lol.

_Q_4329d ago

100,000...The rest of the planet to go...

Techsmith4329d ago

If the record industry has its way, they'll do just that.

_Q_4329d ago

Yeah I have no doubt in my mind. The music industry is just trying to stay relevant in a time that no longer requires them. Its the timeless story of the ones in power grasping to keep that dwindling power. In the end run the power will go back to the artist who in many many cases just want to be heard. Just my thought

-Mezzo-4329d ago

This is pathetic, going to download another Movie right now, in protest. LOL.

toaster4328d ago

Haha! I have unlimited downloads per month so it's all good. Feeling the pain for my Canadian friends though..

Shani4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

You can help them (and me) by signing petition.

Also as per the update, The Liberals and the NDP have now come out AGAINST Internet metering.

Edit: on topic, I guess I better be sure where I download from.

_Q_4329d ago

Remember people this is public dollars funding these courts...Do you really want to pay for a corporation to take your neighbor to court for downloading the latest episode of burn notice? They are fighting a losing battle on your dime!

HavenOfFear4328d ago

You just reminded me to download the latest episodes of Burn Notice. I've gotten very behind.

As long as torrents are available to people, people will use them and download as much as they want.

AssassinHD4328d ago

It isn't just tax dollars funding the courts. There are fees associated with using the court system. The corporations are part of the tax paying populace and they are paying court fees to have their cases heard. They have every right to try to protect their intellectual properties.

_Q_4328d ago

Given how many corporations actually pay taxes in relative to actual revenue I doubt we can count their tax dollars significant as the general public's contributions. We just dont get those kinds of benefits..

michass84329d ago

Unlucky guys, but I don't think they will sue everyone, it will take forever...

-Mezzo-4328d ago

They are so willing to take Forever, these corporations are unimaginably uptight.

Whats is the point of Suing a handful of people (100K in this case), when you know that there are a Million other people doing the exact same thing that you dragged a bunch of people in court for.

Movies = Make a lot of money on the big screen.

Musicians = They Make Tons of cash in Live Shows.

Stop being so Greedy.

Droidbro4328d ago

It's called a business and the goal is to make money. Piracy of copyrighted materials = Theft, a crime. Is it worth it to go after these people? Not IMO, but they have the right to. It's not like these people don't know they are stealing. Just because everyone else does it, doesn't make it ok. That is the rationale of a 5 year old.

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