Core i7-2600K Overclocked: Speed Meets Efficiency

Tom's Hardware: "Most of Intel's Core i5 and i7 CPUs lock out overclocking enthusiasts, which we hate. But the K-series chips win us back over with insane scalability. Would you believe that cranking the dial on performance doesn't necessarily tank overall efficiency?"

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Intel Sandybridge LGA 1155 Socket Motherboards Back in Stock

Companies have finally started releasing the new revision of Intel's Sandybridge Motherboards. These new motherboards do not have the SATA degradation problem that plagued the first batch of boards.

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Gondee4738d ago

I wouldnt buy into the 1155 socket type right now... bad idea


Is the Intel LGA 1366 Socket still worth getting?

There has been a lot of news about the all new processors that Intel has been rolling out. We haven't heard anything about LGA 1366 in quite a while. With rumors of it being discontinued stretching as far as over a year ago, it makes you wonder... is the Intel LGA 1366 Socket still a good buy?

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Naota4760d ago

At least you do not have to worry about the SATA being messed up on these. =) And there are plenty chipset offerings with support for USB3 and new new SATA

toaster4759d ago

Yeah if you're still looking at the very very high end then 1366 is the only platform at the moment. Hexacores, dual Xeons, 24GB of RAM, etc.. 1156 only has 16 lanes of PCIe bandwidth as well and some people have multiple (4+) PCIe cards.


Guru3D: Core i5 2500K and Core i7 2600K review

Guru3D: Today we'll put the Intel Core i7-2600K and Intel Core i5-2500K processors to the test, we will pair the 2600K processor with the Intel Desktop Motherboard DP67BG and also run a test with the Intel Core i5-2500K processor on an Intel DH67BL motherboard.

toaster4797d ago

Impressive!! Great price too, not an obscene amount of money that I expected but still pretty lofty price. The 2500K would be absolutely perfect for gaming. I would totally upgrade but the only thing left is motherboard prices which nobody has any idea about.