Despite the iPad, Android's tablet market share surges

Apple’s tablet dominance is in question thanks to Android's tablets which continues its upwards climb to the top. Apple is feeling the sting as Android’s market-share hits 22% while Apple drops to 77% from its previous highs of 95% just a few months ago.

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toaster4328d ago

Of course, no one is expecting Apple to rule the roost for long. As with the phone industry, the iPad is only one device while there are many many other Android devices.

-Mezzo-4328d ago

I own and Love my iPad, no Android Tablet looked interesting to me up until this years "CES", Motorola Xoom stole the show for me, there seems to be nothing that i didn't liked about that Tablet, Looks, Software, Specs. everything is looking great.

Apple products always get more sales & praise (From Media) despite being inferior to other products.