Outrageous: Google Censors Torrent Search Results, But Leaves How To Kidnap A Child?

Further proof that our society have our priorities all wrong. Search giant Google, who’s probably under pressure from the never innovative music industry has begun censoring torrent site like Bittorrent, by no longer recommending instant results. It’s sad to see that a company who claims to do no evil is beginning to do just that. Apparently torrents are a taboo subject for Google, but “How to kidnap a child or “How to create Mustard-gas” is just fine.

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AHall884329d ago

Money is what runs the world, morals be damned.

Gawdl3y4328d ago

It's no secret that America has its priorities fucked up.

_Q_4329d ago

lol Until "How to kidnap a child" becomes copyrighted...

Speed-Racer4329d ago

Surprisingly when I googled "How to kidnap a child" I got a number of satirical pieces, which explains some of it. Also a lot of times, those suggestions don't lead to the results they suggest. I don't know if the engine outputs what people commonly type rather than what is common in the indexed database at google.

Scottyabanks4329d ago

If you have a Google account, it actually learns from what you do and search on the web, and will fill in gaps by making assumptions that pertain particularly to you. It's quite convenient, and works extremely well, especially once you've had the account for so long.

Speed-Racer4329d ago

Im guessing it extends to use with Firefox's Google search box? I;m usually signed on to Gmail all the time but never enabled web history, should try it out. :)

Tommykrem4329d ago

Well, it's easier to censor a file type than it is to censor single occurences like "how to kidnap a child" which is just something any (strange) person can write about. Besides, the first article that was returned when I google "how to kidnap a child" was probably a joke...
...Still going to try it out though.

_Q_4329d ago

New motto "We make it look like we try to not be evil."

outwar60104329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

oh well theres always bing oh wait they steal searchsd from google lol

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