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Windows Phone 7 On Your iPhone? Yes, There’s A Hack For That

The iPhone's static grid may not be very appealing to some so theme developer wyndwarrior has a solution, Windows Phone 7 UI on top of iOS. The beta is available for jailbroken iOS devices only, including iPod Touch and iPhone's.

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toaster4777d ago

I got to play around with a WP7 phone and I'm sad to say that I wasn't really impressed. The interface isn't as appealing as icons of Android/iOS and you have to do a LOT of scrolling to find the apps you want.

-Mezzo-4777d ago

Who in their right mind would do that, I hated previous Windows Mobile Softwares, was really looking forward to Windows Phone 7, but according to 4 of my friends who own Windows Phone 7, it's not worth buying.

Plus i really believe there was no need for another Mobile Operating System, but Microsoft Released this anyway.


Here's how you can disable NameDrop on your iPhone and Apple Watch

Introduced in iOS 17.1 and watchOS 10.1, NameDrop is a novel feature that facilitates the sharing of contact information between nearby iPhones and Apple Watches by holding them together.

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WhatsApp Unleashes Full-Quality Photo and Video Sharing

WhatsApp introduces a breakthrough feature enabling iPhone users to share photos and videos in their original quality on the messaging platform.

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Apple iPhone 16 will reportedly feature a new button

According to a recent report, the iPhone 16 series might come with an additional hardware button.

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