Windows Phone 7 On Your iPhone? Yes, There’s A Hack For That

The iPhone's static grid may not be very appealing to some so theme developer wyndwarrior has a solution, Windows Phone 7 UI on top of iOS. The beta is available for jailbroken iOS devices only, including iPod Touch and iPhone's.

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toaster4319d ago

I got to play around with a WP7 phone and I'm sad to say that I wasn't really impressed. The interface isn't as appealing as icons of Android/iOS and you have to do a LOT of scrolling to find the apps you want.

-Mezzo-4319d ago

Who in their right mind would do that, I hated previous Windows Mobile Softwares, was really looking forward to Windows Phone 7, but according to 4 of my friends who own Windows Phone 7, it's not worth buying.

Plus i really believe there was no need for another Mobile Operating System, but Microsoft Released this anyway.