Steam/Netflix users to feel the pinch of Canada’s Internet UBB Policy

Canadians are up in arms against a new Internet cap policy being suggested for implementation by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Basically, rather than enjoying the benefits of downloading unlimited data via the Internet, users will now have to pay hefty fines if they cross their set data plans.

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toaster4691d ago

I feel bad for my friends and family up in the Great North. I know a few people who buy exclusively through digital download services like Steam and they will most likely have to watch how much they download or find another means to get their content. I think is is a pretty ridiculous move by the CRTC because in this day and age digital download has become the center of attention with stores like iTunes and Steam having HUGE shares of the market.

Speed-Racer4691d ago

Indeed. 25GB is just pure abuse, that could barely last me two weeks, and if I downloaded games of Steam....boom...ended in just one day :/

Zimmerman4682d ago

This time last year I had a 7GB cap! It was basically unusable 3 weeks out of the month, regardless of how much I tried to avoid hefty files.

Satellite internet isn't EVEN CLOSE to as good as the commercials make it out to be. N4G took about a minute to load at the very least, and online games were completely unplayable.

Even Google took upwards of 10 seconds. Latency was horrendous. NEVER AGAIN.

aaaaaaaaa4690d ago

Won't this help software/film pirates doing this.

Mr_Anderson4690d ago

This is something that doesn't affect your average Google surfer, which is why sadly there isn't enough resistance to these type of internet data caps.

michass84690d ago

I hate set data plans... but even if u get the 'unlimited' one there is also some kind of catch - 'fair usage allowance'. Unlimited data plan is not exactly how the internet service providers see it. Overall it is the best option for heavy users anyway...


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EvilCackle357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Good thing I signed up at launch so people know I'm the real evilcackle

CurrentDigital357d ago

Huge loss for those who don't know where else to spend their surplus $8 a month

SwiderMan355d ago

Still haven't been approved for Twitter Blue :/

gatewayinternational353d ago

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148d ago
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