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Dear Webmasters, stop doing this crap!

BT writes: "In the old days, webmasters would try to draw attention to some new feature or offer on a site by including a pop-up or pop-under advertisement or notice. However, because 3rd party advertisers abused the service, most browsers have included pop-up blockers and AdBlock destroys them completely. So what did webmasters decide to do to get that pop-up effect? Lightbox of course. However, it’s still annoying."

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Mr_Anderson4823d ago

I support this fully. Seriously. Stop.

_Q_4823d ago

Im with Neo on this ONE? lmao sorry I had too. Yeah sites really need to quit all the ads. My god do I hate those stupid ninja links that you accidentally highlight and the damn thing takes over the whole screen,blares music and starts a commercial about vag cream or something. It's infuriating when highlight a word to not lose you spot. Jeez.

outwar60104823d ago

i thought his name was Mr Anderson lol


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