Why MySpace is Shrinking While Facebook is Growing

"I was 15 years old when I signed up for MySpace. I don’t remember what sparked me to sign up for the social network, but it brought on this totally new experience. I could talk to my friends and since I was new to the high school I was going to, I could try to make new ones without going through the hassle of actually introducing myself face to face. MySpace gave me the ability to create my own web page that was all about me, and I could design it anyway I wanted to. Quite a few of my relationships in high school were sparked from talking to a girl that I had a class with on MySpace, it was a great place and I thought it would never die. Then Facebook came along and changed everything."

Cody @ GeekSavy.com

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Speed-Racer4859d ago

This article barely explains anything :/

Facebook's success lies in the fact that they:
- Kept up to date with the latest social features on the market (video, photos, sharing stuff, notes, pages and so on...). MySpace never grew or offered anything new to use. I think if Facebook was stuck in the way it was in 2007, I would use it maybe only 20% of the time I did now.
- Allowed for a very controllable level of privacy along with the ability to associate yourself with groups and networks
- Kept a simple profile. If they allowed customizable profiles like Hi5 and MySpace, I would leave immediately
- Facebook offered more ways to keep tabs on your friends, and people just love to do that

Your point of Mark still being the head is just one factor, just like how Steve Jobs is the only reason Apple is a success even when their stuff is really just mediocre machinery inside a fancy case of fancy marketing.


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