Sony NGP: everything you need to know

TechRadar: It's here! And by "here!" we mean "announced, but not out for months!"
After much rumour and speculation, Sony has unveiled the PSP2, which it has dubbed the NGP (and looks nothing like the far out mockup pics).

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_Q_4441d ago

I'm so stoked for this device. To see a handheld with such potential to finally reproduce the console feel is an exciting thought for a gamer.

syra4440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

I guess NGP means Next Generation Portable....fits well..
the Quad Core seems to be an over kill right now for a portable device, but after a year and a half or so it would be slated under standard specifications devices....
If Sony allows upgradeable options like switching to more powerful Sony-standardized gpu/cpu from time to time with a considerable cheaper price tag, than this would be the real game changer for Sony for the times to come....