Can Leo Apotheker make Hewlett Packard a cool company?

BBC: Four months ago, Leo Apotheker took charge of troubled computer giant Hewlett Packard. But is he the man to turn things around?


Hewlett-Packard's history frozen in time

William Hewlett and Dave Packard's 1960's-era offices look today just as they did then.


Micro Focus In £7bn Swoop For HP Software Arm

Micro Focus is to buy HPE's software unit in one of the biggest overseas takeovers by a UK company for years.

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How Hewlett Packard Enterprise has embraced devops (podcast)

We're investigating the nature of these Innovation Engines in a series of What to Think podcasts, sponsored by Pivotal Tracker, and columns by VentureBeat editor at large Dylan Tweney. Tune in here to learn the secrets behind the tech world's most successful platforms.

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