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Sony PSP vs Sony NGP (PSP2)

Pocket-Lint: The announcement of the Sony Playstation NGP or PSP2, as some are referring to it, looks to have set a hyperactive cat amongst some, until now, rather lethargic pigeons. The world was still a little sleepy from CES 2011 and then, wham, we’ve got the next generation of portable gaming on our laps.

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_Q_4773d ago

They(Sony) need to address backwards compatibility,Price and games then I can fully be sure about buying the 3g version sounds interesting... I think they didnt put 3D because Sony tvs still use glasses and with the 3DS being glasses-less I think people would be upset that Sony TV need glasses when a simple handheld doesnt need them.... So instead of figuing something out or explaining they just dont include it... Makes sense...


ArsTechnica Hands on with Sony's NGP: the system, the games, the size

ArsTechnica: "The past three weeks have been the longest weeks of my life with the PlayStation. I really appreciate the support you have given us," Shuhei Yoshida, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment's worldwide studios, told the press gathered at a preview event in Los Angeles. He was talking about the PlayStation Network problems, but we weren't there for another apology. We were there to play the NGP.

And that's what we did. After Yoshida's short speech playing up the social aspects of the system and the beauty of the hardware, we were set loose on a variety of developer systems to play through the system's launch games. While PR cautioned that the debug kits we were playing would have some superficial differences from the hardware you'll buy in the store, the time we spent gave us a good idea of what to expect from the system and its design.

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Sony NGP Already Knocked Off, But In A Mildly Interesting Way

OHH: Well that didn’t take long did it? Although not released yet, the forums over on CnGBA are buzzing with pictures, questions and speculation over a new machine dubbed the RG or the ‘iReadyGo’. Why the fuss? Well it looks like some manufacturer in China decided to go against the grain and release an open source machine this time, and even went as far as sticking in what looks to be a semi decent processor too.

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Sahil4679d ago

I'm not surprised at all, after seeing the knock-offs of iPhone5 which isn't releasing this year.

Is that a breaking news? I think it's a day-to-day kinda article.

fatstarr4679d ago

This is pretty cool. i really want to buy a knock off product just to mess with it and see what i can do with it.

_Q_4679d ago

Why werent people just making a twin stick handheld before? Why wait to copy? They could have made some money off me. haha


PSP to get streaming music next week, powered by Qriocity

Ars Technica: "Starting next week, PSP owners will be able to stream an unlimited amount of music to their handhelds. Sony has announced that the PSP is the latest device to support the recently launched Qriocity cloud-based music service, and users will be able to start streaming music on April 14."

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