Sony PSP vs Sony NGP (PSP2)

Pocket-Lint: The announcement of the Sony Playstation NGP or PSP2, as some are referring to it, looks to have set a hyperactive cat amongst some, until now, rather lethargic pigeons. The world was still a little sleepy from CES 2011 and then, wham, we’ve got the next generation of portable gaming on our laps.

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_Q_4329d ago

They(Sony) need to address backwards compatibility,Price and games then I can fully be sure about buying the 3g version sounds interesting... I think they didnt put 3D because Sony tvs still use glasses and with the 3DS being glasses-less I think people would be upset that Sony TV need glasses when a simple handheld doesnt need them.... So instead of figuing something out or explaining they just dont include it... Makes sense...