IPv4 Addresses Are Running Out

"It has been a long time coming, really since IPv4 was released. However the 4 billion different IPv4 addresses are in short supply today. Less than 24 million are left out there at the time of this writing and it’s expected that on February 2nd at around 4 in the morning that there will be no more IPv4 addresses available for use."

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codyodiodi4323d ago

You can't really subnet the IP addresses if they are already being used by another website... It would also require a big revamp of the current system in place.

Speed-Racer4323d ago

Well the problem wouldnt be a huge issue yet because most ISPs would have subnetting, and major companies still own blocks of dedicated IPs. Also with IP6 coming on stream, not too much to worry about.

codyodiodi4323d ago

Racer did you read the article which describes how it won't be a big deal as IPv6 is already around?

Also coming from someone that has worked on websites, through dedicated servers, I don't know what settings would allow to point a subnet mask to an IP address.

Speed-Racer4323d ago

No I didn't, I just read the title like a noob and made a judgment. -.-

I just find your title kinda makes it seem like a big deal that IP4s are running out.

GrumpyVeteran4322d ago

It should be relatively easy to migrate to IPv6 if you're with a competent ISP. Obviously all the decent ones will and along with them so will all the websites.

The slow people will be stuck with IPv4, sectioned off from IPv6, but eventually everyone will be on IPv6 and all will be fine.

cozmo1954320d ago

my ASUS N13 usb adapter isn't compatiable with IPv6 >_>