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toaster4327d ago

Pretty awesome. The dual analogs to me are the best part, that just adds another level of complexity to games. That and the touch screens and Android!!! This is going to be one hell of a portable. I'll be getting the 3DS since I absolutely MUST own the latest and greatest Nintendo but I'll look into getting me one of these bad boys.

JoeIsMad4327d ago

Actually, it's not an android device, or at least it's presumed not to be. The Operating system only compares to a combination of Android's OS and the existing XMB format in flow. In reality, Sony does have an Android app, which will refer you to the Playstation Store, and be able to play PS One titles on your Android device, but this system has it's own operating system entirely.

toaster4327d ago

Hmm, interesting. What makes me worry is the motion controls, or Sixasis. I'm not a fan of motion controls so I try to steer clear of devices with motion. I hope that Sixasis won't be a major part of most games or that there would be an option to turn this feature off.

JoeIsMad4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

From what it looks like, sixaxis will only be used as an option in most games, unless they are designed as a small game that uses the service exclusively. It is unlikely that most games will use sixaxis exclusively, unless they are an independent racing game or something similar. In a demo shown at the conference, the camera actually played a vital role in the "lining up" of a shot in hot shot's golf, by reading the room, and relating the movements of the camera to the movements of your character's head. This might be the most practical use of this system, aside from Drake's actions, which are completely optional in Uncharted.

STiRacer4327d ago

This device seems to have all the bells and whistles that have been lacking in the portable department. I am especially excited about the dual analogs and the graphics are just phenomenal. The only concern I have, with such a powerful and complete device, is that pricing will be rather steep. With the 3DS launching at $250, I cannot even see the PSP2 launching at $300. I think the price will be a deciding factor.

JoeIsMad4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Interestingly enough, we at ROQ actually discussed this issue with Tony Grice of for about an hour after release. Sony has officially announced that this device is supposed to be a "reasonable" price, but if you compared this against cellulars at the highest end, you would probably pay 600 to 800 dollars for this handset if you bought it outright as a mobile phone. Considering the reality that most cellular companies will drop the cost of a mobile down to 200-300 dollars, simply because of a dedication to a contract, I don't see why Sony can't get away with releasing the product at $300, which will likely be the highest cost most people would pay for it. Sony will take a 100 dollar manufacturing loss on the cost to build the handsets, but with support from the community, as the 3DS doesn't really smash milestones as the NGP does, the NGP will eventually prevail as the best-selling handset, and Sony will make it's losses back in game sales. Digital delivery of titles will severely cut costs on game distribution, saving Sony a ton of money, while raking in the impulsive dough.

_Q_4327d ago

Im pretty excited for this badboy im just waiting to see price. I'd imagine that Sony trying to make up for a bit of the broken promises