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Today's Best GPS Devices

If you're looking to buy a dedicated GPS navigation device, you'll quickly discover that every manufacturer offers an almost dizzying array of products--each with slightly different features. The challenge, then, is to determine which features are must-haves and which would just be nice to have.


Kickstarter launched for a bike with USB charger and GPS Tracker

The ‘vela bicycle’ also includes a leather wrapped waterproof main panel which has: a five volt USB port aimed for charging mobile gadgets; a LED battery life indicator; and a companion outlet for direct charging without the need for removing it. the rear wheel houses a single speed ‘8fun’ 350 W brushless electric motor with a max torque of 35Nm. the mechanism detects heavy pedaling situations and automatically helps to ease the driver through tough inclines. the ‘vela’ also has a motion sensor to recognize when its being stolen. if it is stolen, the GPS tracker onboard can relay to the companion app exactly where the bike is located.

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wannabe gamer3194d ago

does it come in non hipster version?


Review: Garmin Nüvi 42LM Vehicle GPS -DigiSpun

DigiSpun- The Garmin nüvi 42LM, is an affordable, complete vehicle GPS solution. While it may not have some extra features like traffic, it will suite most people’s need for navigation. For the price its worth it, and you probably wont find a better one along the same price line.

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California to Test GPS Earthquake Warning System

Discovery - A network of GPS receivers, some outfitted with $8 accelerometers, is part of a prototype system being tested in Southern California to monitor for earthquakes and other natural hazards.

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