Cnet - HP Pavilion dm1 Review

Cnet - Nearly mainstream performance at premium Netbook prices; excellent battery life; capable graphics.
The bad: Plastic look and feel; thick and chunky compared with some 11-inch laptops.

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Liliputing - HP Pavilion dm1 (AMD E2-1800) review

Liliputing - The HP Pavilion dm1 is a small and light weight laptop with a low starting price of $399. HP has been offering versions of this little laptop for a few years, and recently upgraded the DM1 with AMD’s second-generation Brazos chips.

AMD Brazos 2.0 processors are relatively low power chips that offer better performance than you’d expect from a netbook-class Intel Atom CPU. They also include AMD Radeon HD graphics with support for HD video playback and 3D graphics.

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Become.com: Top 10 Products of CES 2011 Available Now

There were many exciting gadgets that were announced at this year’s CES but many will not be available until much later in the year. Looking to buy something on the bleeding edge right now? No problem. In no particular order, here is a list of the top products announced at CES 2011 that are available right now.

jidery4767d ago

The Alienware looks nice, its going to replace my current HP someday.

But wasn't Intel “Sandy Bridge” Processors delayed or recalled?

-Mezzo-4767d ago

YUP, Intel “Sandy Bridge” Processors delayed & recalled?, Alienware laptops are usually over-priced, there are a lot of better alternatives for it, you can get the same specs, yet cheaper.