Study: Americans sitting on $30 billion in unused gift cards

Cnet: If you're a vegetarian, and someone gives you a gift card for Ruth's Chris Steak House, you might find it difficult to use. The same might be true if your dog just died and someone gifted you a $50 PetCo card.

Mismatches such as those and millions more like them have added up to $30 billion worth of unredeemed gift cards that Americans are sitting on collectively, according to a leading player in the burgeoning secondary market for the ubiquitous cards.

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toaster4334d ago

WOW that is a lot. Gift cards usually have an expiration date though no? Something like 3 months or so.

xDaRkModEx4333d ago

Not really, I still got a 3 year old best buy gift card from best buy with around $15.

Syko4333d ago

This is why I hate when people are like but "Cash" is a thoughtless gift. No. Thoughtless is getting me a card that either I might not use or will end up spending my own money on top of the gift card because I don't want to end up with a $3 card to Best Buy or something.

I hate Gift Cards.

GodsHand4333d ago

And that's the reason for gift cards, you spend to get them, and they hope you don't use them.

tplarkin74333d ago

I just used my Olive Garden gift card today. It was a $25 card and my meal was $13. The waitress got a $12 tip. So, I'm sure waitresses like gift cards.

fatstarr4333d ago

the best gift cards are the credit card ones