The Triumph of Hacker Culture

It's the best of times and the worst of times for hacker culture. On the one hand, this is a moment of history-making triumph for a cyber-worm, the complex computer virus known and feared as "Stuxnet." A stunning evolutionary leap in development of "malware" (the generic term for the mischief-making software a virus embeds in computers via digital networks). Composed, it has been reported, of 15,000 lines of code. Stuxnet exhibited virtual superpowers last fall by penetrating, taking control of, and jamming into self-destruction some 1,000 precisely calibrated uranium-refining centrifuges in Iran's Natanz nuclear facility.

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Cat4326d ago

I love what the author posits: that we have a geek military hero, with the ability to avoid nuclear war without any bloodshed. Nobel Peace Prize for the worm, indeed!

Syko4325d ago

"Should we fear hackers? Intention is at the heart of this discussion." ~ Kevin Mitnick

INehalemEXI4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

That was crafty, but did it make people more angry over know it did. I rage when I get a virus.