Microsoft Open’s New Store Next To Apple’s To Infuriate The Fanboy’s

Microsoft announced via Twitter a brand new store in South Coast Plaza mall in Southern California, right next to the Apple store. It seems Microsoft retail strategy is to build every one of their store's across from Apple’s, and hope to grab some of their costumers. There gone so far as to add ‘Answer Bar,’ Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Genius Bar.

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lugia 40004828d ago

Next news.
Sony Open´s New Store Next To Microsoft´s To Infuriate The Fanboy´s

Scottyabanks4827d ago

Next, next news:

Nintendo opens new store next to Sonys to infuriate the fanboys.

Techsmith4827d ago

@lugia 4000 and @Scottyabanks you guys made my day :)

specialguest4826d ago


ummm... uhh...(scratches back of head)

ahh, I got nothing.

michass84827d ago

More competition on the market, better for us.

toaster4827d ago

LOL!! MS is just trolling Apple now.

STiRacer4827d ago

Corporate trolling is awesome.

Speed-Racer4827d ago

I'm sorry but do you know how an apostrophe is used sir? ... because it is apparent that you don't, by the looks of your title.

Corrected version;
Microsoft Opens New Store Next To Apple’s To Infuriate The Fanboys

Sean Ryno4826d ago

Apparently neither do you. . .
Microsoft Opens New Store Next to Apples' To Infuriate The Fanboys

Apostrophe comes before s only when replacing a word like "it".
Apostrophe comes after s when used to show ownership.

I'm gonna wikipedia it now to make sure, but I am 100% sure that is how I was taught. Way back in 3rd grade.

Speed-Racer4826d ago (Edited 4826d ago )

No it doens't :S

We are talking about a singular store here, making it Apple's Store... with Apple being the entity. If it were "Stores" ... then Apples' Stores would be applicable. Please do check your Wikipedia. :)

Sean Ryno4826d ago

I'm back, man who knew the apostrophe could be so ridiculous? Seriously, wiki that shit, it's insane!

Anyways I was wrong. (I think) But it would be correct if it was like this. . .

Microsoft Opens New Stores Next to Apples' To Infuriate The Fanboys

The difference is there, no matter how small. (or dumb)

Sean Ryno4826d ago

I conclude that apostrophes are a literature fail.

Speed-Racer4826d ago

LOL well we should at least agree that Open’s and Fanboy's is clearly out of the picture in terms of grammatical correctness.

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mcstorm4827d ago

I think MS should start to open stores all over the world esp the UK. The one good thing about the Apple store is you get to play with all there kit and see what they have to offer and that's part of the reason why Apple has the market lead with iPhone iPod and iPad. If MS opened there stores in the UK they would be able to show off things like wp7 Zune home server cloud devices laptops tablets netbooks and many more thangs they offer. Because that's is MS biggest down fall out side the it world people don't know what MS offers apart from Xbox and the pc.

Techsmith4826d ago

I completely agree, but these things take time. I think eventually they will.

mcstorm4826d ago

I agree that do take abit of time but with the money MS have they should be able to open shops alot quicker than than are doing.

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sonicwrecks44d ago

I've fixed the images on some of these past submissions of yours. Please in the future make sure the image isn't broken on submission.( I always found it best to download/upload it to be honest. )