Android Not So Open, Caught Using Java Code

According to research done by an intellectual property lawyer, Google developers literally copy and pasted some Java Code right into Android and passed it as their own.

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Techsmith4332d ago

Why can't Google just pay the fee?

gamerz4331d ago

Google engineers implemented a 'clean room' version specifically so they can update their platform for their own specific purposes. It's not 100% Java compatible and therefore would fail the compatibility tests. (Breaks the 'write once run anywhere' concept) Google's version is optimized for mobile platforms and doesn't even compile to byte-code, like Java does, so it cannot run on other Java virtual machines and can't be called Java. It only uses Java syntax (the language) so that Java developers are comfortable developing on Android.

Speed-Racer4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Wtf how did the heat suddenly drop back to 50? LOLOL

Syko4331d ago

A little fairy saw something fishy...Rumor*

gamerz4331d ago

The files cited by this article have all been shown not to to be copied or were test cases used for testing compatibility and not meant to be shipped, and have subsequently been removed:

Most of Oracle's case is based on patents, not copyright.

Techsmith4331d ago

From a developers standpoint its no big deal, but to a lawyer this as a big opportunity.

Speed-Racer4331d ago

But it's america, people can get sued big time for anything.