Vudu arrives on the Boxee Box, along with a host of big fixes

Engadget: Ah, there we go. After a bit of a false start, Boxee's rolling out Vudu to the Boxee Box today -- you can either hold tight for the auto update in the next 24 hours, or trigger the manual update in Settings.

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Vudu's smartphone app now lets you transform your old DVDs into digital copies

You can finally kiss your dusty collection of DVDs goodbye with Vudu's smartphone app. Finally.

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PlayStation 4 Vudu Video App Updated and Now Allows Vita Remote Play

For those of you that use the UltraViolet Digital Copy Codes with the Vudu video service, and own both a PS4 and a PS Vita, you are in for a treat.

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knifefight3518d ago

Nice to see the Vita getting some official attention. Was disappointed in lack of mentions at E3.


Walmart Brings Disc-to-Digital Service to Your Home

Maximum PC: It's not just tablet makers and hardware manufacturers in general making a splash at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Retailers have joined the party, including Walmart, which used the annual convention to announce that it's expanding its in-store Disc-to-Digital service to allow for the same service from the comfort of your home. As an aside, Wally World also launched a new Facebook app that provides access to exclusive movie content and allows users to decide what movies are sold in-store and online.

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fatstarr4073d ago

... but I can convert my own movies for free...
or download a digital copy for my records

companies can get away with anything now a days.