BBC iPlayer records big Christmas boom

Pocket-Lint - The BBC is well and truly in the video-on-demand business now, and it seems that business is a boomin'.

The BBC iPlayer monthly performance pack has just been released and shows how Auntie cleaned up at Christmas, breaking records left, right and centre.

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BBC iPlayer 'loophole' to be closed soon, says culture secretary

Culture secretary John Whittingdale vows to end the iPlayer "loophole" as soon as possible so that those watching catch-up TV do not get "a free ride".


BBC iPlayer finally lands on the Apple TV

One of the biggest absences when the updated Apple TV launched in the UK was the BBC's iPlayer app, available pretty much everywhere else including Roku, Fire TV, and Chromecast devices. In October,...

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BBC opens digital store to buy and download shows

The BBC has launched a new online service letting people purchase and download shows such as Sherlock, Doctor Who, and nature documentaries by David Attenborough. The BBC Store expands on the broadcaster's iPlayer service, which allows playback of shows for up to 30 days, and is intended to one day replace DVD and Blu-ray sales. "As more viewing shifts to digital, BBC Store allows audiences to choose from a selection of recently broadcast programs, television favorites, and lost gems from the BBC archive, making it the most comprehensive collection of BBC programs ever published," said the broadcaster in a press statement.

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