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Can TV Apps Save Niche Cable Networks?

Gigaom - Independent cable network WealthTV has announced it will enable Roku users to subscribe to live s on-demand feeds of its content for $2.99 a month, marking the first time a cable network is making its content available through the over-the-top streaming box. That’s a huge win for Roku, which has been trying to expand the amount of content available on its hardware devices. But the news also speaks to the need for niche cable networks to expand the availability of their programming beyond the traditional cable distributors.


NVIDIA will Reveal New AI Advancements at CES 2024

NVIDIA will have a Special Address at CES 2024 which is scheduled for Monday, 8 Jan. at 8 a.m. PT / 5 p.m. CET.

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WhatsApp Unleashes Full-Quality Photo and Video Sharing

WhatsApp introduces a breakthrough feature enabling iPhone users to share photos and videos in their original quality on the messaging platform.

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OpenAI is allowing anyone to create their own ChatGPT chatbots - here's what that means for you

Rosa writes: "Here's everything you need to know about OpenAI's custom ChatGPT chatbots. Let's take a closer look at what they are and how to make them."

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