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XSReviews: Razer Tron Mouse and Mat Review

XSReveiws - One well known fact when it comes to games, is that movie tie-ins stink; almost universally. However, hoping not to repeat this market crossover failure, Razer have produced a pair of products that they'll be selling together based on the recently released Disney Tron sequel. With fancy lighting, high sensitivity and even some mouse sound effects, let's see if it's an good.

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The Runaway mouse mod

Are you sick and tired of your boring old mouse, why not spruce it up a bit with a crazy mod that will make your mouse run away from your hand as you try to grab it! . Great party trick. It does this via a light sensor that detects the shadow of your hand which turns on a motor for a second or two and moves the mouse away.

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TecStories: Razer Tron Mouse impressions

Is this a real gamer's mouse or just another gimmick mouse that was created to cash in on tron?

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