Taser Protector disables your phone while driving, doesn't zap you in the process

Pocket-Lint: It’s illegal in the UK to use your phone in the car, yet everyday plenty of people use their smartphones to text, email, make calls all while driving.

That’s got to stop say Taser, the company you’re probably more familiar with selling devices that will send 1200 volts through an attackers body.

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Taser Employees Hit iTunes To 'Troll' Documentary That Probes Suspect Killings

Taser International is embroiled in a fresh PR war outside of the courtroom, thanks to a documentary from first-time filmmaker Nick Berardini, Killing Them Safely. And its employees are taking to iTunes, without mentioning who they’re employed by, to heap opprobrium on the flick, according to Berardini and his producers.