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3+ Ways to Customise Your Facebook Profile Picture

There are several apps popping up that have taken the hard work out of customizing your profile. The only difficulty you’ll find yourself faced with is trying to choose the profile picture you’re going to use. From branded Facebook apps that take care of the entire method step by step, to separate webapps that create the images for you to later upload to Facebook, there are a variety of ways that you can recreate the effect on your own profile.

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toaster2926d ago

yeah some of these are really creative. I want to try this with my profile when I finally get a chance to click the upgrade button :P so far there hasn't really been a compelling reason to go to the new profile, it's a lot more confusing in my opinion.

fatstarr2926d ago

"what you talikin about willis?"
facebook forced the change a while back.

toaster2926d ago

Really?? I'm still on the old profile. Might be because I'm in Asia though.

fatstarr2926d ago

I wish I were you enjoy it while you still can.

Speed-Racer2926d ago

The option to change is still there for me on my fake account.

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Syko2926d ago

Lol, Done.

Techspy whoring GO! =)

fatstarr2926d ago

the best one I saw was the pic of ryu shooting a Hadoken it was awesome.

My friends already call me a geek, when they see this...