TechRadar - SteelSeries Shift review

TechRadar - The Zboard, the Shift's precursor, was massively flawed. Unfortunately though, SteelSeries seems to believe the Zboard's problems all stem from the execution of the design, not the actual layout itself, and have released the Shift.

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thegamingexperience.net SteelSeries SHIFT review

thegamingexperience.net says: "There is NO reason why SteelSeries should not be on the minds of every single PC gamer out there. Take my word for it if you ever need a new keyboard, mouse, mouse-pad or headset then you better choose – in my mind – the best there is… SteelSeries."

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fatstarr4732d ago

Looks cool I still want the lcdkey keyboard. the second it drops drastically in price i will be all over it.


SteelSeries Shift gaming keyboard review | examiner

The SteelSeries Shift isn’t just a powerful, programmable gaming keyboard; it’s a suitable stand-in for a steel chair in a professional wrestling match. The Shift is nigh-unbreakable, infinitely flexible, and you can use its powers for good—or evil—in virtually any PC game you’d care to abuse with it.

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