Facebook rolling out Inbox email service

Facebook has began rolling out its integrated email/inbox service mentioned some months ago. The new service basically integrates the message sending experience by combining internal Facebook messages, chat conversations and emails from your very own address.

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fatstarr3748d ago

pretty cool but why wouldnt i just use gmail or the others. seems like a whole slew of problems can come from this.

Speed-Racer3748d ago

I'm not planning on using it. Already have gmail. Plus I cant even check Facebook at work. Big downfall there.

toaster3748d ago

Facebook is trying to be a jack of all trades, doing a lot of things but none of them particularly well.

awiseman3748d ago

Agree with toaseter, Just like Yahoo. And Yahoo sucks.

Speed-Racer3748d ago

They should do like Google and acquire rather than try to develop from the ground up.